Requirements to start driving lessons.

1. Provisional Driver’s Licence.

2. Required Funds.

How to acquire a provisional Driver’s Licence.

(a) Persons  wishing to obtain a “Learner’s License” will now first have to visit any of the Island  Traffic Authority  Examination Depots to do the multiple choice Road Code Test as part of the application process.

(b.) Three (3) passport size photographs signed by a Justice of the peace.

(c). TRN number along with JM $1800 to be taken to the Tax Office.

Effective January 27, 2020 all persons who are interested in obtaining a Provisional Drivers License (Learners License) must pass a Road Code Exam.

We provide exam preparation classes at a cost of $10,000 for four (4) hours which are done 2 hours at a time after which a mock exam will be given to prove your readiness after the completion of your four (4) hours preparation.

Requirements for Driver’s Licence.

(a). Driver’s Licence Form signed by a Doctor and a Justice of the Peace. ($2500-$3,000)

(b)Four (4) passport size photographs signed by a Justice of the Peace.

(c). Examination Fee ($3,240).